Our Team

To succeed in modernized practice transformation and full-spectrum value-based healthcare delivery, industry stakeholders must collaborate to ensure measurable performance-based outcomes exists in four core areas of focus – data control, healthcare analytics/intelligence, care coordination and management, and preventive wellness and patient engagement.

That’s why HIC’s team of innovative experts have been highly recruited and hand-picked to facilitate and work with stakeholders striving to enhance margin and mission, and demonstrate measurable performance-based outcomes and KPI (KPIs) success that enable them to earn recognition as  innovative, high-performing stakeholders.

About Our Team

• Rhonda Metze, Founder/CEO
• Deryl Metze, President & Chief Operating Officer
• Loretta Khangura, RN, MPH, CHTS-CP, PCMH-CCE, Sr VP Transformation & Innovation
• Russ Kolski, RN, MBA, Lean Six Sigma, VP Strategy and Operations
• Dr. Ilse Bell, MD, PCMH-CCE, Sr Payer Strategist
• Peter Cummings, MS Biostatistics, BS Kinesiology, Sr Dir Integration & Data Forensics
• Sr Advisor, Regulatory Compliance & Quality
• Research Associate

Our Clients and Partner Success

(Let us share a few of our value-based client engagements and success stories)

  • ARcare/KYcare/MScare (FQHC – HCCN Member Center)
  • Kentucky Health Center Network (KHCN)
  • Providence Community Health Center (RI)
  • Tennessee Primary Care Association (Centers for Quality in Community Health)
  • Community Health Center Association of Mississippi (PCA/HCCN)
  • Laurel Medical Services (FQHC)
  • CareMore Health Plan (Anthem)
  • National Nurse-Lead Community Centers (NNCC/HCCN– Keys to Quality)
  • Sheridan Health (FQHC)
  • Maine Primary Care Association (PCA/HCCN)
  • CCI
  • HITEQ (Collaborative Partner)

We welcome the opportunity to earn your business and support your efforts to accelerate innovative, valued-based healthcare delivery and achieve your business goals and ongoing financial success.

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