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Today, the adoption and “meaningful use” of electronic health record, population health management systems, and practice transformation initiatives of years past feel like a warm-up to the ever-changing barrage of priorities created by the industry’s required transition to a new data-driven, value-based care delivery model and the merciless impact of emerging issues like opioid and substance use disorders and what seems to be the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.    The stakes are high, timelines to value-based care readiness and delivery are short, and siloed platforms that capture and store patient-centric data across the continuum, have become the problem and not the solution stakeholders need to demonstrate measurable high-quality, whole-person care delivery.   Industry stakeholders nationwide are in desperate need of  new data-driven care delivery models where access to timely, full-spectrum business intelligence and modernized self-service data visualization are not only accessible based on end-user role and responsibility, but leveraged in a way that accelerates an organization’s ability to demonstrate both margin and mission.  

Today, industry stakeholders across the nation, including Community Health Centers (CHCs), Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCNs), Primary Care Associations (PCAs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Community Integrated Networks (CINs), Health Systems, Payors/Health Plans, Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Researchers, and others, have come to rely on our diverse team of data-driven experts and innovators and our innovative business intelligence and self-service data visualization platform (HealthEquityIQ) to help them address many of the evolving challenges they face, and  more importantly, the unprecedented emerging issues we are facing with Opioid and Substance Use Disorder (OUD/SUD) and what seems to be the overwhelming and unending COVID-19 Pandemic crisis.

How We Started

Health Initiatives Consulting was established in 1999 as a result of our Founder and CEO’s like-minded vision and shared mission with that of the community health center’s strategic grass root movement, as well as her belief that care team’s ability to capture, access, and use timely, full-spectrum data integration and visualization matters, and furthermore, will empower industry stakeholders nationwide collaborative efforts to accelerate and achieve value-based care and demonstrate “read” data-driven health equity outcomes and impact for all.

Who We Are

We are HIC, an diverse team of industry experts and data-driven innovators that facilitate and empower community health centers nationwide to enhance patient-centric access to equitable whole-person care delivery.    Since 2000, we have helped hundreds of  health centers across the nation transform care delivery models and achieve clinical outcomes and operational success through data-driven innovation.     Our Advanced Data-Driven Innovation Capabilities Model (ADDICM) approach to value-based care transformation and health equity for all, has empowered industry stakeholders nationwide to effectively leverage investments already made in technology and accelerate the use of new modernized business intelligence and self-service data viz in a way that moves the needle on measurable clinical and business key performance indicator (KPI) outcomes and success  – a.k.a. – margin and mission.

Collectively, our team has more than 150 years of industry specific knowledge and the real-life expertise stakeholders need to overcome recruitment and retention challenges, and effectively advance  interoperability and use timely, meaningful data to enhance patient and provider engagement and experiences, and drive the nation’s much needed social and health equity benchmark!

Empowering Modernized Healthcare

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower industry stakeholders to expand access, improve care, reduce costs and manage risk through innovation and the power of whole-person data so all populations can live healthier and happier lives.

Our Values

  • Integrity– Honor commitments and never compromise ethics.
  • CompassionWalk in the shoes of people we serve and those with whom we work.
  • RelationshipsContinuously build trust through joint collaboration and respect.
  • InnovationThink outside the box, invent the future, and learn from the past. 
  • Performance Demonstrate excellence in everything we do.


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Make sure that you keep up with the latest trends in the industry.   Our diverse team is highly skilled at what we do!  We offer industry stakeholders  the opportunity to implement data governance and management best practices and use proven business intelligence and insights needed to address unpredictable and unprecedented issues like the current COVID-19 Pandemic, and execute on critical clinical and business strategies that drive clinical, operational and financial goals and success.   Get in touch with us for more details on how we can support your data-driven innovation success.

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