Population Health Management Evolved

Today, the adoption and “meaningful use” of electronic health record and practice transformation initiatives of years past feel like a warm-up to the ever-changing barrage of priorities created by the industry’s required transition to a new data-driven, value-based care model.    The stakes are high, timelines to transition are short, and siloed platforms and timely access to whole-person data have become the problem and not the solution.   Industry stakeholders nationwide are in desperate need of  innovation and the power of “whole-person” data in order to accelerate the shift from previous fee-for-service models to a new accountable fee-for-outcomes model that rewards those that demonstrate measurable, outcomes-based  care delivery across all populations in which they are responsible for managing.

Since 2016, stakeholders nationwide have relied on our team of value-based professionals to connect the dots of innovation and data automation to that of  previous investments made and successes that have been achieved.   Today, industry stakeholders, including community health centers, networks, health systems, ACOs, CINs, health plans, regional health collaboratives, coalitions, researchers, and others have come to rely on our innovative services and solutions to help solve healthcare’s greatest challenges and position them to accelerate the shift to modernized care delivery and be recognized and financially rewarded for serving as a value-based care Beacon in the industry.

How We Started

Health Initiatives Consulting originated in 1999 as a result of our founder’s mission and commitment to make value-based healthcare the norm and not the exception.   With that goal in mind, she set out to make value-based care accessible to all populations through innovation, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and the power of timely meaningful data.   The end goal was to make sure that all stakeholders – providers, patients, payers, communities, vendors, etc., – reaped the benefits and satisfaction of investing in, and the adoption of, innovation and the use of full-spectrum data.

Who We Are

We are HIC, an innovative team of industry experts that facilitate change and improve access to whole-person care in healthcare organizations across the U.S.    Since 2000, we have helped hundreds of  primary care clinics and multi-specialty facilities transform care and outcomes through innovation.     Our advanced innovation capabilities model (AICM) approach to value-based care transformation, has empowered industry stakeholders nationwide to effectively accelerate the shift to a new data-driven, modernized healthcare delivery model and demonstrate population-centric outcomes, while also achieving clinical, financial and operational KPI success and unexpected profitability.

Collectively, our team has more than 150 years of industry specific knowledge and the level of expertise stakeholders need to effectively advance  interoperability, use data to enhance value, and to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.

Empowering Modernized Healthcare

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower industry stakeholders to expand access, improve care, reduce costs and manage risk through innovation and the power of whole-person data so all populations can live healthier and happier lives.

Our Values

  • Integrity– Honor commitments and never compromise ethics.
  • CompassionWalk in the shoes of people we serve and those with whom we work.
  • RelationshipsContinuously build trust through joint collaboration and respect.
  • InnovationThink outside the box, invent the future, and learn from the past. 
  • Performance Demonstrate excellence in everything we do.


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